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Surfing Tides of Retail Change A talent perspective deloitte 1

This report is timed at the cusp of a revolutionary change in talent in the retail Industry. With the growth and size of the millennials as well as the Generation Z population mix, a clear shift in their mindset and behaviour is visible. There is a special emphasis on learning, onboarding, buddying and these have all been influenced in some way by digitization. Technology plays a vital role on talent. E-learning with the help of videos, employee friendly applications on the web/handphone, buddy and feedback systems are some examples of the changing environment and culture. The report concludes with an overall perspective of the constantly changing outlook which is consumer centric in the retail world.

  Published by: RAI - Deliotte 


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The Men behind the Mile

In the last 100 years T. Nagar has morphed from being a lake (that's right, present day T. Nagar was once Long  Tank  which  was  drained  in  the  1920's  to  create  Madras's  first  planned Town)  to  a  bustling, crowded, shopping district.

  Published by: RAI  


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Unveiling of white paper Redefine Retail Warehousing With Automation 1

The ability of a retailer to provide a delightful customer experience today hinges on the level supply chain augmentation. The report is aimed at identifying and addressing challenges Indian retailers are facing. Automation through technology, can certainly help retailers to fill the gaps and meet the demands of the ‘now’ customer.

  Published by: RAI - GreyOrange 


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Driving Retail Growth Through Analytics 1

What separates good retailers from the great is how they use data. The information gathered from various touch points provides powerful insights into customer behavior and newest trends. Big data can be used to bring about a big difference across retail. The is a great resource for insight-led decision-making by retailers wanting to stay ahead.

  Published by: RAI - PwC 

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A Path to Revolution

This report explores how marketing budgets and technology investment priorities are changing as retailers continue to develop more targeted & personalized digital experiences across channels. The research also explores how mobile is emerging as the nexus for omni-channel retail initiatives.

  Published by: RAI - Octane 

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