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LitmusWorld RAI Festive Shopping Index 2018

This is the 2nd edition of Festive Shopping Index which reveals consumer preferences on several aspects of shopping. Retailers Association of India, in partnership with LitmusWorld has been engaging with consumers since last year to understand the key shopping criteria for consumer during festive season. The Festive Shopping Index is an effective way of understanding what consumers want to do during festive season. It provides important insights about what consumers want, which retailers can use to formulate their strategies for the season to become more consumer centric.


  Published by: RAI - LitmusWorld 

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FDI in Retail RAI and Deloitte 1

Any consumer who experiences a higher propensity to spend eventually tends to shift his preferences towards branded products. There are multiplayers in the market who contribute a gamut of brands – whether a single brand or multiple brands under their respective umbrellas. The current foreign investment policy of India relevant to the consumer business segment allows regulated flexibility to global brand giants looking to enter the Indian consumer retail space to tap the boom in demand for assorted products.

This report provides details on the models permissible under Indian regulations to operate in the retail space with respect to foreign investors, the opportunities they offer from a business standpoint as well as a few challenges peculiar to the Indian marketplace scenario.

  Published by: RAI - Deloitte 

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Eliminating Friction in Fashion Path to Purchase

Based on a survey of almost 2508 consumers across 108 brands and 9 sectors in the Indian market, the report identifies which brands consumers ranked highest for customer experience excellence. Brands were ranked across The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence to identify the leaders across- Personalisation, Integrity, Expectations, Resolution, Time & Effort and Empathy. The report further states that with India having an incredibly diverse population, brands have to cater to a wide range of customers from a plethora of backgrounds, cultures and varying sensibilities. The winners are those organisations, which appeal to a customer’s core values, score high on the integrity quotient and reduce friction in the transaction cycle.

  Published by: KPMG 

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Eliminating Friction in Fashion Path to Purchase

During the purchase journey, consumers are enticed with the promise of instant gratification, but the reality is that consumers routinely encounter additional, incremental or non-essential steps, which is ‘friction’. Frictionless experiences are transparent conveniences that will encourage buying, while friction-full experiences are those that can drive people to abandon their shopping journeys altogether. This report highlights the key friction points in the consumer path to purchase for fashion brands and how mobile can help resolve them to unlock revenue.

  Published by: KPMG, Facebook & Nielsen 

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Eyeing Consumer Intelligence in Retail

This report helps in understanding the state of e-Retail in the Indian marketing context. Providing synthesized insights from 350+ India marketers,this comprehensive resource deep dives into statistics, trends, opportunities and challenges for the modern day marketer to help them formulate digital marketing strategies that deliver a higher ROI.

  Published by: RAI - ValueFirst 

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